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November 1st, 2013 | Posted by LEARN in LEARN School of Esthetics

A Strong Foundation Through Complete Daily Nutrition


Absence of Nutrition in our Food is a Problem

  • Everyone needs proper nutrition for optimal health. The problem is that most of us DON’T get the nutrients we need from the food we eat.
  • We don’t eat enough of the right kind of foods. 6 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.
  • 95% of our food is processed, destroying nutrients


Complete Daily Nutrition is the Solution

A multivitamin alone is simply not enough!

We all require 7 categories of nutrients for optimal health.

  • Vitamins and Minerals – Our bodies dont make essential vitamins. You can only obtain them through food or supplements
  • Antioxidants – Antioxidants counteract the pollutants that we constantly encounter and help prevent cellular damage
  • Omega – 3 Fatty Acids – EFA’s nourish the joints, support heart health and brain development, and can only be found in food or supplements
  • Probiotics – A poor diet, antibiotics and chemicals destroy these vital microbes that support immunity and gut health
  • Enzymes – Our bodies produce fewer enzymes as we age, which can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and malnutrition
  • Fiber – Fiber absorbs water and toxins to help eliminate waste, and increasing fiber intake may increase your life span.
  • Protein – As the building blocks of bones, muscles, cartilage and skin, proteins are vital for the health and maintenance of your body.


Detox your body-poor eating habits lead to toxins that require cleansing

  • Only 25% of Americans eat the recommended 6 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, which are high in fiber and antioxidants and promote colon health


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