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Fall is Here!!! Prime Time for Chemical Peels

October 20th, 2014 | Posted by LEARN in LEARN School of Esthetics

Fall is here.  The weather is beautiful.  This is the optimum time for chemical peels.  There are two main reasons.  It is very important to stay cool after a chemical peel.  This means cool externally and cool internally.  One reason is the sun is not so hot and burning to the skin when you are outside.  This greatly reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation and/or hypopigmentation.  The second reason is because the temperature is not so hot you will not get so hot internally from exercise to include walking, running or working out at the gym.  Getting hot internally can also cause hyperpigmentation.  This is why it is never recommended to use a tanning bed after a chemical peel even if you cover your face.  Just the fact you are heating up your body will increase your chances of hyper/hypopigmentation.  The best course of action is to stay as cool as possible.  If you find yourself getting hot after your peel, try to get into a cool environment quickly.  You can get in your car with the air conditioning or of course into a cool building.  You can also fan your face.  And last but not least, use your sunblock every day even if you are just walking from your car to a building.  This will help you obtain optimum results with your peel.  microdermabrasion-side-effects

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