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Seasonal Skin Care Needs

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Preparing for the upcoming Winter and The Holidays, you need a few things.  One, you need exfoliation, moisturizer and hydration because most people start running the heat in the home and office which dries the skin out.  Also, the leading cause of dry skin is the build up of dead skin cells thus the exfoliation is needed.  In addition, if you want a boost to have your skin glowing for Thanksgiving and Christmas now is a great time for a chemical peel.  You can choose a mild peel with no downtime and minimal sloughing or you may want a deeper peel which usually sloughs for three to five days.  Either is a great way to get the healthy glow you desire.  Our peels also stimulate collagen, decrease brown spots and brown patches while giving you the exfoliation you need.  Esthetics School Alabama

Fall is here.  The weather is beautiful.  This is the optimum time for chemical peels.  There are two main reasons.  It is very important to stay cool after a chemical peel.  This means cool externally and cool internally.  One reason is the sun is not so hot and burning to the skin when you are outside.  This greatly reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation and/or hypopigmentation.  The second reason is because the temperature is not so hot you will not get so hot internally from exercise to include walking, running or working out at the gym.  Getting hot internally can also cause hyperpigmentation.  This is why it is never recommended to use a tanning bed after a chemical peel even if you cover your face.  Just the fact you are heating up your body will increase your chances of hyper/hypopigmentation.  The best course of action is to stay as cool as possible.  If you find yourself getting hot after your peel, try to get into a cool environment quickly.  You can get in your car with the air conditioning or of course into a cool building.  You can also fan your face.  And last but not least, use your sunblock every day even if you are just walking from your car to a building.  This will help you obtain optimum results with your peel.  microdermabrasion-side-effects

Lessons for the Week

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DSC_0904We had a great week learning about lash and brow tinting, microdermabrasion and some advanced chemical peel training.  This is a great time to get started with chemical peels now that the weather is cooling off a bit.  Chemical peels can rejuvenate your skin to help you look younger.  Some peels help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, where other peels may be specific to fade out brown spots and brown patches.  And we have chemical peels to clear up acne and to get rid of the PIH’s (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) sometimes left after a breakout.  These appear as stains on the skin.  There is also a peel to make the pores appear smaller or reduce scarring.  I told the students once you become knowledgeable about chemicals it is as fun as baking a cake.  You can customize the peel to fit the individual client’s needs.  And you get job satisfaction when your client sees the improvement and they are happy.  Plus it helps the client’s self esteem and self image when they look in the mirror.  A win, win for everyone!!!

RENEW Your Skin!!!

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Summer is over.  Time to get that old dead skin off.  After tanning and swimming in chlorinated water the skin needs help.  We have a solution.  In stock now we have a wonderful product called “CelluliteRx” LipoLift firming cream.  A mix of ingredients to firm and hydrate the skin, firm the skin with peptides and essential oils, softens the skin with AHA (Glycolic Acid) and hydrates the skin for a silky texture with soy protein.  This cream will give fast, dramatic results to improve the appearance of cellulite, wrinkled, sagging, dry skin.  Love it!!!  Only $48313608_422254054487766_1493284340_n

Dry Skin Solutions

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The number one cause of dry skin is the build up of dead skin cells.  With regular exfoliation, good hydration and moisturizing you can see improvement.  There are many types of exfoliation to include products, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and even dermaplaning/epidermal leveling.

Working conservatively, start with good products which contain mild acids (i.e. lactic, glycolic, salicylic or L-ascorbic).  Gently remove the dead skin cells over a period of time.  The use of Alpha Hydroxy Acids also stimulates collagen to improve the look of aging skin.

For fast results, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or epidermal leveling will remove a larger amount of dead skin cells faster.  A common method is to use these modalities in combination with chemical peels.  Once the dead skin cells are removed you can apply great moisturizers and hydrators which will penetrate the skin better after the exfoliation.  Hyaluronic acid or Sodium Hyaluronate is a very good hydrator with the ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water.  Other nice oils include Rosewood, Avocado, Johoba and Sunflower.  Aloe Vera is also very moisturizing and healing.

Once the skin is effectively exfoliated, moisturized and hydrated, the next step is to use a product which is occlusive.  A common ingredient to serve this purpose is Squalene.  Squalene is a highly effective emollient.  Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide are great choices commonly found in sunblock.  They are both occlusive and protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.  These can be purchased in a micronized formula and applied daily to protect and prevent sun damage and at the same time holding the moisture in the skin.Affirm30ml

Drinking a cup of green tea can be relaxing, soothing,microdermabrasion-side-effects and stress-relieving. Also, the experts are now saying it can have many anti-aging benefits. Studies show it can improve your survival rate for ovarian cancer, protect against other cancers, protect against sun damage, prevent spread of prostate cancer and lower blood pressure and even prevent Alzheimers.

Anti-aging benefits also include the benefits to the skin. Green tea contains polyphenols (strong antioxidants) which have shown to prevent free radical damage to the skin and the cells of the body.

The active ingredient is Catechin EGCG (epigallocatechin 3-gallate). Our lives are busy and time is valuable, therefore a quick, easy way to make your green tea is as follows: Choose green tea bags from your grocery store which are organic. Heat a cup of water to a boiling point. Place tea bag into the cup of hot water and cover. Allow to steep for three minutes. Then drink.

At first it may seem a little bitter. If you wish, you can add a little sugar or honey. If trying to reduce calories, reduce the amount of sugar or honey until you can drink it unsweet. You can drink three to 5 cups a day. Green tea does contain some caffeine, therefore if caffeine prevents you from sleeping well, you should only drink the green tea before 5 pm. This should allow the caffeine to be reduced in your system and allow a good nights sleep.

Wrinkles make you look older. What can you do about wrinkles? There are several options. First, we must define the types of wrinkling. Extrinsic wrinkles come from environmental factors; mostly from sun damage and smoking. Intrinsic wrinkles come from your genetic makeup. You have fine lines and deep wrinkles and/or grooves in the skin. For fine wrinkles, you can greatly diminish their appearance with microdermabrasion, chemical peels and the use of retinols. Other non-surgical options include Botox and fillers. There are many different kinds of fillers on the market to include Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse to name a few.

Some wrinkles are caused from repetitive movements of the muscles in the face. Common causes are smiling or squinting of the eyes. Also, you will sometimes see a groove between the eyebrows from frowning or squinting the eyes causing the eyebrows to squeeze together. Botox helps with these types of wrinkles. Botox serves to paralyze the muscles causing these repetitive movements. Botox is a brand name whereas there have been other products available to serve the same purpose. Another brand name is Dysport. For deep static wrinkles (the ones that do not move); fillers are a great option. Many of these last from six months to a year.

Remember the sun can cause 85 to 90% of the damage to your skin. The sun damages DNA thus damaging the cells of the skin. One of the main reasons smoking is so bad, is because it constricts the blood vessels narrowing the passageways for the blood to flow. The blood carries the necessary oxygen and nutrients needed for healthy skin. If you have not considered quitting smoking, make this your 2011 New Year’s resolution. There are some great products on the market now to help you with quitting to include Chantix. It is never too late to quit. After 10 years your organs will be back into the normal range of cancer risk and after 15 years for your lungs.

For anti-aging solutions contact one Organic Products at Learn School of Estheticsof our licensed estheticians at SPA LaDonna, phone 256-353-3807 and web:

Skin Analysis

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Did you know one method of skin analysis is “Face Reading”? This is an Eastern method and basically means you can look at the face, see where the breakouts occur and determine the cause. Example: Breakouts in the chin area are usually hormonal. These hormonal breakouts can be from a hormonal imbalance or from starting or stopping birth control. Also, breakouts on the forehead can show a digestional or colon issue. These issues could be coming from the intestinal tract. A skilled esthetician can help you make the determination by performing a thorough skin analysis and recommending a skin care program to include treatments in our skin clinic and proper home care.Esthetics School Alabama

What makes you look old? I once heard a anti-aging expert say he thought brown spots and brown patches on the skin make you look older. He even gave an example of how the women from “Desperate Housewives” look younger than they are because their skin is even colored and even toned. This is true. Brown spots and brown patches on the skin are called hyperpigmentation. Generally speaking this hyperpigmentation usually results from some type of trauma the skin has endured and it could even come from sun damage you received as a child.

Other causes include hormone fluctuations (referred to as Melasma) or some surface irritations (i.e. acne, allergies, shaving, and even friction of clothing rubbing an area). The following are some things you can do to help eliminate this hyperpigmentation. First the skin needs gentle exfoliation. Notice I said “gentle” because you do not want to further traumatize the skin. Also, I do not recommend any of the over-the-counter exfoliating scrubs using crushed nut shells for they can actually cause abrasions.

Next, it is beneficial to use a retinoid at home to increase cell turnover. Personally, I like a retinol as it is a more gentle vitamin A. Then incorporate a tyrosinase inhibitor in your skin care regimen to help suppress the melanocyte activity which produces the brown spots and patches. Some effective tyrosinase inhibitors are hydroquinone, kojic acid, lactic acid, ascorbic acid, azaelic acid,arbutin, rumex crispus root, mulberry root or white mulberry tree, and licorice root. And finally, use UV protection every day. Choose a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection and I recommend wearing protective clothing and wide-brimmed hats and good protective sunglasses. These are some general tips to practice at home and help you have even colored, even toned skin just like the celebrities.